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Applefruit is the pomaceousfruit of the small, deciduous apple tree and is known as the fruit that seduced Adam and Eve. This fruit can be found in various sizes, various tastes and different colors such as crimson, green, yellow, and pink. Apple fruit is admired by people in many parts of the world and, as statistics shows, about 80 percent of people use apples in their daily diet. Some countries such as Iran, China and Russia hold the highest records of apple production.

The apple treeis the most cultivated fruittreeamong other fruit trees. Applesbelong to the Rose category (Rosaceae) and are one of the Malus domestica species.It is interesting to know that between the various members of the genus Malus, apple fruit is the most known and used by humans.Apples have a round shape and depending on the sort of cultivar the skin color may be different.

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